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Old News News from the good ol' days of Stryker Software.

6th June 2010

  Uploaded Version 1.40 of the APIViewer plug infor BBC BASIC for Windows and version 1.10 of the alternate APIViewer for BBC BASIC for Windows.

5th August 2007


Added another six articles to the BBC BASIC for Windows programming articles section.

22nd July 2007


Two new BBC BASIC for Windows macros that add launcher for the dialogue editor and icon editor from to the BBC BASIC for Windows editor.

8th May 2007


New section containing BBC BASIC for Windows macros. Added macros to allow lowercase keyword programs to be pasted when using uppercase keywords and for the editor to retokenise the current program.

30th April 2007


Added three more articles to the BBC BASIC for Windows programming articles section.

20th January 2007


Added two more articles to the BBC BASIC for Windows programming articles section. Updated the ArrayIO and ReadArgs libraries for BBC BASIC for Windows.

4th September 2006


Added a programming related articles section to the BBC BASIC for Windows area containing links to articles that I have written for the BBC BASIC for Windows Programmer's Reference. The main Articles link in the BBC BASIC navigation menu now links here.

4th August 2006


Released ArrayIO, a library for BBC BASIC for Windows that can write any array to a file and read it back again.

5th July 2006


Released version 1.30 of the BBC BASIC for Windows plug in for APIViewer. Removed all valid email addresses from this site as I am now receiving around 300,000 spam and other UCE a year.

29th April 2006


Released ReadArgs, a command line parameter library for BBC BASIC for Windows.

23rd April 2006


Some fairly major updates today, clarifying a lot of changes that have happened over the last few months.

26th January 2006


Updated the Diablo II LoD text files download with the clean versions of the 1.11 and 1.11b text files.

2nd January 2006


Announced the new blank interactive fiction maps on r*if; tweaked a couple of the maps to better take account of printer borders. Fixed some broken links on the Site Map.

January 2006 update of the BBC Micro Mailing List Archive.

31st December 2005


Added two new blank interactive fiction map types, circular and square.

Ensured the web site address and contact details were correct for dowloadable RISC OS software and Windows software.

1st November 2005


Added a link to download the RISC OS port of Firefox on the Firefox Integration page.

26th October 2005


Added the BeebWiki site to the navigation bar and added a new and improved site map.

24th October 2005


Minor tweaks to the site layout to improve site peformance.

16th October 2005


Added the DLLImport (DLL Function Importer) to the BBC BASIC for Windows software section, this is a tool which is used to import the functions from any given DLL ready to be used in user software and can create code forming the basis of new libraries.

13th August 2005


Added the INKEY code discovery tool to the BBC BASIC for Windows software section. Inkey is tool for anyone using negative INKEY key codes in their programs. The Inkey window shows the negative INKEY code of the current key being held down. If the Inkey window has the input focus then the ASCII code for the key will also be displayed.

15th July 2005


Firefox Integration 1.10 released, several enhancements have been made to the front-end including full support for the Acorn URI protocol.

8th July 2005


Firefox Integration 1.00 official release. Firefox Integration is a front-end for the RISC OS port of the Firefox browser, designed as a friendly helper application to help integrate Firefox into the RISC OS desktop.

6th July 2005


The software patents bill was voted on today and failed. :) Removed all banners and reinstated the original main page. Thanks to everyone who was involved in the protest.

3rd July 2005


Firefox Integration 1.00 was announced on Drobe. Thanks to Chris Williams and Drobe for the article and their interest. Thanks also to the hundreds of people who have downloaded and use the Firefox Integration front-end.

24th June 2005


Changed the main page of this site to support the 'No Software Patants' protest. Added an associated banner to all other pages.

20th June 2005


As of 23:30 GMT +1:00 20-Jun-2005 all music has been taken offline due to abuse. welcomes all visitors to this site and hopes that they find the content here interesting, useful and entertaining. Unfortunately the actions of a small minority of users can spoil the enjoyment of everybody. Tonight, to my dismay, one of those small minority visited. I don't want to believe that this user was being deliberatly nasty and I hope that their actions were simply misguided.

To the person from Bucarest who searched Google for "Agartha Music" and found this site:

It is not that you are not welcome on this site, far from it in fact. I am really happy that you have enjoyed the music here so much that you wish to download and listen to it all. But please be aware that the availablility of this music is a privilage and not a right and that this music has been available, and should be available, for a long time to come - that is if the music returns. There was no need for you to download all the tracks at the same time using what seemed to be a download accelerator. You selfishly consumed all the available bandwidth of this website and almost brought it down. I have had to remove all mp3 downloads to allow responsible users continued access.

If I decide to bring this music back online you are welcome to download it but please only download one song at a time and do not use a download accelerator, that is all I ask.

Comments, apologies and other related emails are welcome from any of the visitors to this site, contact jon(at)jonripley(dot)com.

13th June 2005


A selection of blank map templates have been added to the Interactive Fiction section, these maps are available in Postscript and PDF formats. These maps are designed to be useful for authors and players of interactive fiction (aka text adventures).

11th June 2005


Started a programme of changes to the site layout to improve search engine efficiency and promoting better document layout using nested header tags instead of the current scheme. The style sheet is being updated to reflect these changes.

Changed the BB4W link in the navigation menu to BBC BASIC for Windows to better reflect the contents.

6th June 2005


Updated LoadDLL based on suggestions by Richard Russell. LoadDLL is a library for BBC BASIC for Windows.

The site has been optimised, each page is at least 5Kb smaller without any changes to the content.

The volatile section of has been given an index page.

1st June 2005


Added the BBC BASIC for Windows sections to the main navigation menu.

Added CardLib to the BBC BASIC for Windows library area. CardLib is a library for writing games using the Microsoft Cards DLL. Several example programs including a full game have been provided.

15th May 2005


Added a new section to the BBC BASIC for Windows area containing freely usable code libraries and examples. now boasts valid HTML and CSS. can be viewed on any browser,

14th May 2005

  Fixed a couple of typos in the Al Bhed translation tools documentation.

14th April 2005

  Major rewrite of the BBC Mailing Lists page. Added information relating to the info-cpm archive mirror. Major changes to the layout of the RISC OS and Windows software pages to improve navigation.

12th April 2005

  Added the Inform release of the Mini-Adventure Demo Games to the Interactive-Fiction Gaming section. The games have also been added to the Play Now page where they can be played online.

10th April 2005


Added some notes to the RISC OS Mini-Adventure Demos page. General tidying of the interactive fiction section. Banned LinkWalker from spidering this site in the robots.txt guidelines, a reputable spider should not be downloading all available binary files.

Added a favicon.ico file for this site.

21st March 2005


Updated JJRPD-09, the BBC Adventure Games Collection, to correct a minor oversight - thanks go to Katzy for spotting it.

13th March 2005


Some internal rearranging of the interactve-fiction play now section to allow better future expansion.

9th March 2005


Uploaded new version of BST set to a base year of 2005 to the RISC OS software section.

Added some Phantasy Star Online item code generators to the PSO section, these are here because they are useful, I can no longer offer any support regarding their use. Updated the mag feeding timer to fix a compatibility issue with with Windows XP.

8th March 2005

  Rearranged the Brainfuck section to be more managable, please update any bookmarks or links as appropriate. Fixed a casing error in the name of this section and a typo in one article. Updated Brainfuck CGI script page - it still sucks though IMHO.

2nd March 2005


Wrote and linked in a new article in the Brainfuck section about Brainfuck CGI programs. There are three working examples provided with full source code. The BBC Micro mailing list archive has been updated with recent messages.

Updated the sitemap.

1st March 2005


Split the Brainfuck page into distinct areas including;conversion tools and utilities, games.

The proof-of-concept Brainfuck adventure game has been further documented and linked to an updated interactive-fiction games section. A Brainfuck coded suprise is in the pipeline.

Added a new article on making Brainfuck programs executable.

26th February 2005


Added relevant information for Inform compiler demonstration games to the Play Now page, paraphrased from the original game source.

25th February 2005


Added the Inform compiler demonstration games to the Play Now page.

24th February 2005


Created a new section in Interactive Fiction which allows visitors to play games live in their bowser. Thanks to <insert name> for the Java Z-Machine which makes this page possible.

18th February 2005


Created a new section for Interactive Fiction games, compilers and other resources.

Moved the Inform resources inside the new section. Moved my BBC BASIC port of Colin Carruthers TimeSwitch game to a new i-fiction games section. Uploaded the RISC OS port of the Mini-Adventure interactive fiction authoring system demo games collection. Added my game, 'The Lost Kingdom', the winning entry for the 1st Annual 2k Classic Text Adventure Competition (link) which took place between July and October 2004.

Fixed a few dodgy links, uploaded a new sitemap and changed the layout of this news page.

17th February 2005


Added a site map for

Uploaded two versions of a new mod for Diablo II, nothing special but as this seems to be peoples favourite part of my site at the moment I thought I'd add some more stuff, unfortunately most of my Diablo mods (the good stuff) were lost when my old hard drive died between backups. Linked in the Diablo II/Lod Resources pages and added a complete set of reference files for all Diablo LoD versions 1.09 to 1.10 final.

Added a link in the RISC OS Software section to the old software available in the old site.

16th February 2005


Two new sections have been added for the general enjoyment of all concerned.

A while ago I discovered the Wayback Machine had a copy of the home page of the very first Stryker Software web site, digging around in my backup CDs I have found a complete copy which is now available again after seven years of sitting in the digital void.

A section dealing with the esoteric programming language known as Brainfuck has also been put online, there are a few of the standard tools and utilities that everone writes - and a few extras.

15th February 2005


The BBC Micro and Beeb Emulators mailing list archives have been updated.

The main pages have been changed to list the years in decending order to be more intuitive and making browsing the archive on a PDA much easier.

The way messages are sorted in the archive has also changed. Previously all messages were archived in order of the original posting time, disregarding time zone offsets, this meant that some posts from out non-UK members appeared in the wrong oder. Time zones are now taken into consideration and all messages are now listed according to the UTC time of posting. This change has meant that many of the links will have changed and you may get '404 Not found' errors form old links, especially those from search engine results. When the site is reindexed by the major search engines this will be a non-issue.

Thanks are due to Jonathan Harston for these changes.

The Beeb Emulators (BeebEmul8) Mailing List Archive help and information page has been completely rewritten from scratch.

14th February 2005


The help and support section of the BBC Micro mailing list archive has undergone a major revamp and now contains lots of useful information about the mailing list and the archive. Full information has been added to enable prospective new members of the list to join and participate -- the archive regularly receives enquiries for people wishing to join.

There is also a mini-guide to the ettiquete of the list.

10th February 2005 has been completely revamped with a new style web site. Much of the old content is in the process of being updated and new site features are becoming available.

The BBC User Group page has been updated with more information about the group and the 8-Bit section has been revised. The RISC OS, Windows and Inform software areas have also been updated

The 32-bit RISC OS port of Inform 6.30 with the 6/11 libraries has been uploaded and several other Inform resources added.

9th February 2005


Stryker Software is dead...long live!

The Stryker Software website has been removed and all downloads are no longer available from the original site, please update any links that you have bookmarked or on your web sites. Everything that was available and more is on the new site.

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