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Current site news Information and updates relating to recent activity on the web site.

Everything below refers to Stryker Software at the old web site.

2004 - 2005

Various minor updates to content.

13th February 2004

Added new content to the Diablo gaming section. Minor modifications to the contact section..

17th January 2004

Minor updates to whole website. Uploaded new BST utility, which should now work on all territories.

8th December 2003

Uploaded a .zip compressed version of the BBCHDDs package which will enable many more people access the package.

23rd October 2003

Added links to Windows 32 API documentation.

6th October 2003

Updated the self extracting BBCHDDs package to be fully self contained, the new release contains self extracting archives instead of RAR archives.

12th August 2003

Split the music area into sections.

28th July 2003

Actually began work on the BBC BASIC for Windows section of the site.

22nd July 2003

Added the BBCHDDs package containing twenty-two ADFS formatted hard disk drive images in a variety of common and useful sizes for use with Acorn 8-Bit emulators.

20th July 2003

Due to FreeServe not providing access logs for sites that they host, and to cut costs, all the downloads on this site have been moved to my Blueyonder site though the old links will remain active for a while. There should be no noticeable difference to anyone accessing this site and the main site is still located here on Freeserve. If you notice any broken links please let me know. Added a link to the Dark Wing Riders Phantasy Star Online Clan website.

Please do not link directly to any of my files - instead link to the main page on this site that the file(s) can be downloaded from.

2nd July 2003

Added a section to the Gaming area of the site with downloads and resources for Graham Nelson's Inform compiler which I seem to maintain the RISC OS port of.

23rd June 2003

Added a section to the 8-Bit area with samples of power up sounds from various Acorn 8-Bit computers.

15th June 2003

Major update to the BBC Micro and BeebEmul8 mailing lists sites, all messages are now in HTML and are fully linked and threaded.

6th June 2003

Oops, I forgot I had a website...

A lot of new software for RISC OS and Windows has been added to the site. Stryker Software is committed to providing multi-platform solutions to computing problems. Currently only the Acorn 8-bit, RISC OS and Windows platforms are supported. This will change as new operating systems are added to the available repertoire..

A new Gaming section has been added to cater for some of the extra gaming resources from Stryker Software which hitherto have never been released. Currently the Diablo series and Phantasy Star Online are available.

The site has now been fully updated with the new look and feel.

12th March 2003

As part of ongoing improvements to Stryker Software's internet presence, the site is moving to a much nicer page design. Most of the site has been updated.

Removed a few dead sections of the site.

11th March 2003

BBC-Micro and Beeb-Emulators mailing lists uploaded.

20th February 2003

Added Windows and RISC OS versions of the AdShield block list utilities.

19th February 2003

The new site goes live with lots of new content added.

17th September 2002

As part of ongoing improvements to Stryker Software's internet presence, our site is undergoing major changes.

All news below refers to the old Stryker Software site.

1st February 2002

Clarified documentation & foxed a tipo on main page

Added 'Recent changes' page.


  • BuffMon v. 1.00 07-Feb-2000 (15k)
  • CompactMsg v. 0.03 11-Feb-2000 (4k)
  • FakeScrap 0.01 22-Dec-1997 (2k)
  • Reset v. 0.01 10-Jul-1999 (2k)
  • ShutraFS v. 0.00 01-Feb-2002 (2k)
  • TimeSwitch v. 0.01 xx-xxx-1989 (6k) RISC OS
  • TimeSwitch v. 0.01 xx-xxx-1989 (6k) Acorn BBC Basic
  • TimeSwitch v. 0.01 xx-xxx-1989 (6k) Non-Acorn BBC Basic

10th January 2002

Site upgraded to 'online' status.


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