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Windows API Documentation

Here are a few links to some useful reference materials covering the Windows API (Application Programmers Interface) that I have found.

Microsoft Platform SDK

Contains complete reference information for the Windows API and is a valuable resource essential for all BBC BASIC for Windows programmers. Versions are available for Web Install and also as a burnable ISO Download from the Microsoft web site.

Programming Windows from Assembly Language

Iczelion's Win32 Assembly Homepage contains information on how to program Windows using assembly language.

Other Windows API References

File Description

Excellent Win32 API reference, .hlp file (from Kuha Forums) Winsock 1.1 API Reference, .hlp file (from Kuha Forums) Winsock 2.2 API Reference, MS Word .doc file (from Kuha Forums)

Resources Not Listed Here

If you know of any more Windows API reference guides available for free on the internet please let me know.

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