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Software for BBC BASIC for Windows

Application Description
BBLaunch 1.00 21-Jan-2010 (189k)

BBLaunch (BB4W Launcher) is a programming utility which sits in the system tray and provides quick access to BBC BASIC for Windows and provides:

  • Create new, open existing and reopen recently edited programs
  • Switch between open editor windows
  • Quick access to the support forums, discussion board and programmer's reference wiki
DLLImport (zip) 1.01 23-Aug-2009 (102k) (Screenshot)
DLLImport (Installer) 1.01 23-Aug-2009 (102k) (Screenshot)

DLL Function Importer is an essential productivity enhancing tool for all BBC BASIC for Windows programmers who want to make use of functions provided by any of the thousands of DLLs available for Windows.

DLLImport writes all the necessary DLL loading and importing code for you saving you a lot of time and effort and will allow you to start using DLLs in your programs within minutes. DLL Function Importer will optionally create a complete customisable library shell for you saving hours of laborious programming.

This program includes DLL Export Viewer written by Nir Sofer.

Inkey 0.04 13-Aug-2005 (47k) (Screenshot)

Inkey is an essential tool for anyone using negative INKEY key codes in their programs. The Inkey window shows the negative INKEY code of the current key being held down. If the Inkey window has the input focus then the ASCII code for the key will also be displayed.

Full source code is included.

jDlgEdit 0.30 13-Aug-2005 (70k) (Screenshot)

jDlgEdit is a development of Richard Russell's DLGEDIT, there are several enhancements and a few changes.

Changes include:

  • A sidebar for quicker creation of icons
  • Keyboard shortcuts for Cut, Copy, Paste and Delete
  • More intuitive mouse interface for enhanced productivity
  • Easy access to dialog and icon properties

Reproduced with the permission of Richard Russell.

MiniLOGO v. 0.09 25-Aug-2001 (47k)

One-line implementation of LOGO Turtle Graphics written in BBC BASIC.

Totalling only 250 byes of code this may be the smallest implementation of Turtle Graphics ever written with such a comprehensive feature set.


  F <distance> Move turtle forwards <distance>
  B <distance> Move turtle backwards <distance>
  L <angle>    Turn turtle left <angle> degrees
  R <angle>    Turn turtle right <angle> degrees
  H            Home turtle (move to centre of screen)
  P            Toggle Pen Up / Pen Down
  C            Clear screen and home turtle; rest of line is ignored
  X            Exit MiniLOGO
  *<command>   Do *<command>
  : <comment>  Short comment; can be included in compound statements
  | <comment>  Long comment; rest of line is ignored
  ;            Command separator
  <iterations> Repeat command, must be first command in a line

Contains executable versions and source code for Windows, RISC OS, Acorn Electron and BBC Series computers. Not compatible with Brandy BASIC.

Other Programs

There are more BBC BASIC for Windows programs in the Windows API section.

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