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Mag Feeding Timer

Mag Feeding Timer v. 0.03 27-May-2005 (152k) *** Updated May 2005 - Upgrade Now ***
 Program : MagFeeder
 Purpose : Phantasy Star Online Mag Feeding Timer
 Author  : (C) Jon Ripley, 2002 - 2005
 Version : 0.03 (27th May 2005)
Levelling up mags can be a tricky business and we often leave our mag hungry 
for too long, causing it to level up slower and offer less benefit. This has 
changed with the advent of...MagFeeder!

Use MagFeeder to notify you that your Mag requires feeding. The timer is set
to go off every three minutes fifteen seconds, this is approximately how often a 
mag requires feeding. Thet can be set to go off after any interval.

Press ESCAPE to pause the program, pressing SPACE resets and resumes the 

Press T to set the timer interval. Enter the time in decimal not mm:ss, the
default setting for three and a half minutes is 3.5, two minutes would be 2 
and 1 minutes 45 seconds would be 1.75.

To reset the timer press SPACE or move the scroll wheel of your mouse.

MagFeeder is most useful when playing of PSO by yourself and you have time to
pander your little buddy (or buddies :-). With the ability to use the wheel
control of your mouse, you can keep you mouse by you and not have to wander
over to your computer. 

To install MagFeeder, install the program anywhere keeping the files together. 
To uninstall MagFeeder simply delete it.

Change from version 0.02: Uses less resources.

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