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Brainfuck Conversion Tools

All of these tools take as input a text file containing a Brainfuck program,. Your program can have any comments or headers as you see fit. As it is difficult to detect the end of a file from within a Brainfuck program, each of these tools require there to be an at '@' symbol at the end of the Brainfuck code. You should ensure that there are no other occurences of the '@' symbol in your source file otherwise these tools will not be able to correctly handle your Brainfuck programs.

All these tools are themselves written in Brainfuck.

Tool Input Format Output Format
bf2bbc Brainfuck Source BBC BASIC source (.bbc / .bas)
bf2c Brainfuck Source C source (.c)
bf2html Brainfuck Source Stripped and formatted HTML version of Brainfuck source (.htm / .html)
bf2ook Brainfuck Source Ook! source (.ook)
bf2perl Brainfuck Source Perl source (.pl)
bfstrip Brainfuck Source Stripped and formatted Brainfuck source (.b)

The input files you provide may be formatted however you wish, or not at all, as long as the above caveat is observed.

For example, if you have the following 'Hello World' program:


You should add an '@' symbol at the end to make:


These tools should be run using your favourite Brainfuck interpreter (virtual machine) using the syntax in the following table:

Run Command On These Operating Systems
bf mytool.b < input.b > output.ext Linix, Unix, DOS, Windows and similiar
bf mytool/b { < input/b > output/ext } RISC OS

Some examples

A simple Hello World program written in Brainfuck has been converted using all the above tools, select a link below to view either the original source or the output.

Input Output
Brainfuck BBC BASIC C HTML Ook! Perl Stripped

Special Features

All of these tools may be run directly from the Unix/Linux command line, please refer to this page for further information.

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