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Diablo II and Lord of Destruction Mods

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This resource contains the complete set of game text, databases and string tables for Diablo II Lord of Destruction versions 1.09, 1.09b, 1.09d, 1.10 beta, 1.10s, 1.10 final, 1.11 and 1.11b. To be used for reference or backup purposes when creating mods for LoD. This download, a self extracting RARchive, is only 2.51Mb and contains over 129Mb of data. *** Updated 26th January 2006 ***

There are many more Diablo reaources that I have available, including game text, patch differences and the complete set of patches and patch files but I have no plans to release them at this time, please get in touch if want to ask me about them.

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