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BBC BASIC for Windows Code Libraries

Tool Description

A replacement for the INSTALL statement which overcomes problems associated with using libraries and distributing programs that require them.

This is not a library, the code must be appended to the end of your program for this to work.

Library Description
ArrayIO The ArrayIO library will write any array to a file and read it back again, there are no limitations on the type of variable stored in the array, the number of dimensions or the size of the array. The ArrayIO library is fast and can handle large multi-dimensional arrays in a fraction of the time required to read or write each element separately - the usual method of storing arrays in files.
CardLib CardLib provides an interface to the Windows cards library which is used by all the card games which are supplied with Windows™. CardLib is compatible with the 16-bit and 32-bit versions of Cards.dll and Cards32.dll.

LoadDLL provides a simple and fast interface for accessing functions provided by DLLs (Dynamic Link Libraries).

MAlloc Memory allocation library.
ReadArgs ReadArgs parses the command line parameters passed to your program and returns the number of parameters and an array containing the parameters themselves. Advanced programmers can take advantage of a simple lexical analyzer designed to parse parameters directly; look-ahead is supported via an extra function provided in the documentation.
ReadLine ReadLine adds a full line editor with clipboard support and a line history buffer to your programs.
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