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Interactive Fiction - Games (aka Text Adventures)

Game Description

Winner of the 2nd Annual 2k Classic Text Adventure Competition (link).

Single download for RISC OS and Windows.


Possibly the first ever attempt at interactive fiction written in Brainfuck. This is proof-of-concept only.

This game can be played on any platform for which a Brainfuck interpreter exists.

Lost Kingdom

Winner of the 1st Annual 2k Classic Text Adventure Competition (link).

Single download for RISC OS, Windows, Acorn 8-bit, and any system running BBC BASIC.

Lost Kingdom BFe

Enhanced Brainfuck edition of Lost Kingdom including a new game mode. This is probably the first ever piece of interactive fiction written in an esoteric programming language and probably one of the largest Brainfuck programs ever written.

Single download for all platforms includes the game and source code for a portable Brainfuck interpreter. A compiled Windows version is included.

Game collections and compilations

Game Collection Description
JJR-09 JJR-PD BBC Adventure Games Disks 1 to 3. As three .DSD disk images for use with BBC Micro and compatible emulators. The disk images can also be written to disk for use on the real thing™.

MiniAdv Demos
(Inform Edition)
(RISC OS Edition)

A collection of demo games from the Mini-Adventure authoring system. Available for Inform and RISC OS.

Mini-Adventure was an interactive fiction authoring system for the Acorn Electron and BBC Micro. It was later ported to RISC OS and Inform. Mini-Adventure was written specificially for young children to use in schools back in the early nineteen-ninties. Included for historical interest and temporary diversion purposes only.


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