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BBC Font Conversion Utility

BFont v. 0.04 15-Oct-2000 (4k)
 Program : BFont
 Purpose : Convert BBCFonts to BASIC source
 Author  : (C) Jon Ripley, 1999,2000
 Version : 0.04 (15th October 2000)

	BFont is a command line utility which converts BBCFont files to BASIC
 source code, text or an ARM executable.  The resulting program can be run to
 redefine the VDU characters.

	To install BFont, simply move the file "BFont" into your
library directory.

	To convert a file, use the command:

	BFont <input> <output> [options]

	where <input> is the name of the BBCFont file to be converted.  The
resulting source is saved as a BASIC, Text or Utility (ARM code) file named

	Options are used to modify the standard behaviour of BFont, and are
introduced by a hyphen, the option name, and any allowed parameters.  Each 
option can be abbreviated to just it's first letter; all options are 

	Option			Effect

	-line <number>		Set the first line number of the program, by
				default this is line 0.

	-inc <number>		Set line number increment, by default this is

	-arm			Save an Utility (ARM code) program, which
				redefines the character set.  [See note 1]

	-bfont			Copies <input> as <output>.

	-rev[basic]		Save the program in reverse BASIC tokenised
				format, this will allow the program to be run
				under the 68000 and Z80 versions of BBC BASIC.

	-text			Save the program as a text file.

	-quit <* command>	Executes the command when the program has

	-help			Produce a brief help text for the BFont
				syntax and options.


	BFont Gothic S/Gothic

	will convert the BBCFont named Gothic and produce a BASIC source
program S/Gothic.

	BFont fonts.Outline sources.Outline -revbasic -line 10 -inc 10

	will convert the file fonts.Outline and output a BASIC source program 
in reversed tokenised format named sources.Outline, the first line number will 
be 10 and the line number increment will be 10.


[1] There is a useful side-effect of the way a BBC Font file is made into an 
ARM Utility.  You can take a *Spooled file - which could contain text or VDU 
command sequences - or a text file with CR+LF (or LF+CR) line terminators and 
use the following command to make an ARM Utility which will display the 
contents of the file. This feature may not be supported in future versions.

BFont <input> <output> -arm

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