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Windows Software

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AdShield Utilities v. 0.01 19-Feb-2003 (9k)

Two utilities for processing AdShield™ block list (.abl) files.

abl2txt will convert a .abl file to a text file.
txt2abl does the reverse.

AlBhed Translation v. 0.01 27-Feb-2003 (11k)
  Al Bhed is the official language of the Al Bhed people in the SquareSoft game Final Fantasy X. These programs will translate any text file between English and AlBhed and back again.

alb2eng translates English into Al Bhed
eng2alb translates Al Bhed into English

A RISC OS version is also available.

bin2h v. 0.01 26-Nov-2002 (6k)

bin2h is a command line utility which converts binary files to C source for inclusion into C programs. The compiler then turns the C data back to binary format.This program is ideal for use with Make files.

A RISC OS version is also available.

Dump v. 0.02 29-Nov-2002 (5k)

Dump is a command line utility similiar to the *Dump command built into RISC OS, this version is more flexible and has none of the bugs present in the OS version. Also supports output of the hex dump to a text file for easy reference.

A RISC OS version is also available.

Garble v. 0.01 06-Dec-2002 (5k)

Garble is a small command line utility which provides a fast and simple method of protecting files from prying eyes, the encryption method is effective and should keep your files secure from the majority of users. There is also a Windows version of Garble available on this site which is 100% compatible should you need to move encrypted files between platforms.

A RISC OS version is also available.

ListEnv v. 0.01 29-Nov-2002 (5k)
  ListEnv is a small command line utility which will display a list of your current environment variables and optionally save them as a text file for later reference or as a DOS batch (.bat) file which you can use to reset them.
Mag Feeding Timer v. 0.03 27-May-2005 (152k)

A helper application for users of all versions of Phantasy Star Online.

Levelling up mags can be a tricky business and we often leave our mag hungry for too long, causing it to level up slower and offer less benefit. This has changed with the advent of...MagFeeder!

rot13 v. 0.01 29-Nov-2002 (6k)

rot13 is a small command line utility which can be used to rot13 enrypt/decrypt any file, text or otherwise. rot13 is a method of trivially encrypting text so that it cannot be read accidentally. It is often used to prevent the punchline of joked being revealed before the user had read the joke, or for preventing users reading spoilers about books, films or games.

A RISC OS version is also available.

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