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Programming Utilities

File Download Description
BasicLoader v. 1.01 06-Feb-2000 (2k) 26/32bit neutral
  Use the BasicLoader module to modify, when desired, the default action taken when running a BASIC program. Useful when debugging and developing WIMP applications written in BASIC.
BFont v. 0.04 15-Oct-2000 (4k) 26/32bit neutral
  BFont is a command line utility which converts BBCFont files to programs of various types, incl. BASIC source code, text, ARM executable or even as a BBCFont file.
bin2h v. 0.01 26-Nov-2002 (7k) 26/32bit neutral

bin2h is a command line utility which converts binary files to C source for inclusion into C programs. The compiler then turns the C data back to binary format.This program is ideal for use with Make files.

A Windows/DOS version is also available.

CompactMsg v. 0.03 11-Feb-2000 (4k) 26/32bit neutral

CompactMsg is a command line utility which will tokenize a messages file using the tokens used by Acorn's !Help application. Once tokenized the messages file can be used as normal, the !Help application automatically expands the strings; this makes the message file much shorter as strings such as 'Click SELECT to ' and 'This option is greyed out because ' are reduced to two character tokens - /S and /G for the two examples.

With CompactMsg it is also possible to expand a compacted message file.

Dump v. 0.02 29-Nov-2002 (6k) 26/32bit neutral
  Dump is a command line utility similiar to the *Dump command built into RISC OS, this version is more flexible and has none of the bugs present in the OS version. Also supports output of the hex dump to a text file for easy reference.
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