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Library Utilities

File Download Description
AlBhed Translation v. 0.01 27-Feb-2003 (13k) 26/32bit neutral
  Al Bhed is the official language of the Al Bhed people in the SquareSoft game Final Fantasy X. These programs will translate any text file between English and AlBhed and back again.

alb2eng translates English into Al Bhed
eng2alb translates Al Bhed into English

A Windows/DOS version is also available.

BFont v. 0.04 15-Oct-2000 (4k) 26/32bit neutral
  BFont is a command line utility which converts BBCFont files to programs of various types, incl. BASIC source code, text, ARM executable or even as a BBCFont file.
bin2h v. 0.01 26-Nov-2002 (7k) 26/32bit neutral

bin2h is a command line utility which converts binary files to C source for inclusion into C programs. The compiler then turns the C data back to binary format.This program is ideal for use with Make files.

A Windows/DOS version is also available.

BST v 0.05a 09-Mar-2005 (2k) 26/32bit neutral (Updated 09-Mar-2005)
  Ensures that the GMT/BST flag on your computer is set correctly and as a bonus makes sure that your computer thinks that it's at least the year 2004.
BufList v. 0.02 26-Jul-2000 (2k) 26/32bit neutral
  BufList is an almost pointless yet purposeful command line utility which will produce a list of buffers handled by the RISC OS BufferManager.
BXxb v. 0.03 11-Mar-2003 (3k) 26/32bit neutral
  Three useful utilities: (B) Beeps after a command has finished executing. (X) Executes command without passing on any errors. (BX) Does both.
Click v. 1.01 25-Feb-2003 (4k) 26/32bit neutral, GPL
  This is an updated version of the Click utility supplied with !Director. This new version of Click has the added feature that it will work with any application that has more than one active iconbar icon and retains full compatibility with previous versions.

Click can be used to simulate a mouse click on an iconbar icon.

CompactMsg v. 0.03 11-Feb-2000 (4k) 26/32bit neutral

CompactMsg is a command line utility which will tokenize a messages file using the tokens used by Acorn's !Help application. Once tokenized the messages file can be used as normal, the !Help application automatically expands the strings; this makes the message file much shorter as strings such as 'Click SELECT to ' and 'This option is greyed out because ' are reduced to two character tokens - /S and /G for the two examples.

With CompactMsg it is also possible to expand a compacted message file.

Dump v. 0.02 29-Nov-2002 (6k) 26/32bit neutral
  Dump is a command line utility similiar to the *Dump command built into RISC OS, this version is more flexible and has none of the bugs present in the OS version. Also supports output of the hex dump to a text file for easy reference.
FCompact v. 0.04 15-Jan-2002 (3k) 26/32bit neutral
  FCompact is a small command line utility which will fully compact any disk; the Compact command, built into RISC OS, cannot be guaranteed to fully compact a disk.
FilesFirst v. 0.02 06-Jan-2000 (4k) 26/32bit neutral
  FilesFirst is a command line utility which will scan through a directory, and any sub-directories, and build a list of files followed by the file size and directory containing the file. FilesFirst is useful when examining a collection of files of the same type, such as a collection of archived applications, music or clip art files; the output of the program can be loaded into a text editor, such as !StrongEd, and sorted, this gives a list of file names and associated information which is very useful when looking for duplicated files.
Garble v. 0.01 06-Dec-2002 (6k) 26/32bit neutral

Garble is a small command line utility which provides a fast and simple method of protecting files from prying eyes, the encryption method is effective and should keep your files secure from the majority of users. There is also a Windows version of Garble available on this site which is 100% compatible should you need to move encrypted files between platforms.

A Windows/DOS version is also available.

Invaders(M) v. 0.00 14-Jan-2002 (2k) *** ESSENTIAL ***

Invaders is a command-line launcher for the mini-game hidden in RISC OS 4 and InvadersM is a small module which launches the game anytime you fancy just by pressing CTRL+ALT+I(!) and provides the command too.

NB: Invaders(M) requires RISC OS 4 or above.

Reset v. 0.01 10-Jul-1999 (2k) 26/32bit neutral
  Universal Reset command for all versions of RISC OS. Resets the machine.
rot13 v. 0.01 29-Nov-2002 (7k) 26/32bit neutral

rot13 is a small command line utility which can be used to rot13 enrypt/decrypt any file, text or otherwise. rot13 is a method of trivially encrypting text so that it cannot be read accidentally. It is often used to prevent the punchline of joked being revealed before the user had read the joke, or for preventing users reading spoilers about books, films or games.

A Windows/DOS version is also available.

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