The Lost Kingdom Brainfuck Edition

The Lost Kingdom BFe

0.17 12-Jun-2005 (115k) *** World's first Brainfuck text adventure ***

The Lost Kingdom
(C) Jon Ripley 2004, 2005
BrainFuck Edition v0.11

Lost Kingdom is a conversion into Brainfuck of my game 'Lost Kingdom'
which won the First Annual Classic 2k Text Adventure Competition in 2004.
The original game was written in highly optimised BBC BASIC and was only
2.74Kb in size; this Brainfuck edition is significantly larger at 2.08Mb.

The original game was available for RISC OS, Windows and Acorn 8-bit
computers. This Brainfuck edition should run on any computer with a
suitable Brainfuck interpreter or compiler.

I have tried to make this conversion into Brainfuck as true as possible to
the original in game play. The solution to this Brainfuck version is
slightly different than the original. The room descriptions and some of the
messages have been changed, and a few new features have been added, as I am
no longer working within a 2.8Kb size limit.

Two game modes are available with short or long room descriptions. The short
room description game is most similiar to the original game. The long room
description version has been specially enhanced and is in essence a seperate
game. The solutions are different between the two versions.

This game is probably the first piece of true interactive fiction that has
ever been written in Brainfuck. This game is probably the largest program ever
written in Brainfuck.

In order to play Lost Kingdom you will need a Brainfuck interpreter, the
source code for a highly portable optimising interpreter is included in the
bftools directory. The interpreter 'bf' has been confirmed to work on RISC OS,
Windows, DOS, Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X. It should work on most systems. You
will need a C compiler to compile the interpreter.

I strongly recommend that you use the interpreter provided, otherwise your
gameplay experience may not match the performance possible.

A Windows version of the interpreter has been provided called 'bf.exe', if you
are using Windows you can run the game by double-clicking on 'LostKng.exe' -
the one with the googly eyes.

Full documentation is included within the game and includes the back-story and
information on how to play.

The parser is somewhat limited but very functional. A better parser may be
implemented in the distant future, perhaps in a future project, this was not
planned for the first release as coding a decent parser in Brainfuck is

If you write a review of this game I would appreciate it very much if you
would send me a copy, and with your permission I will include it on my web
site. All comments, suggestions and constructive criticism are welcome.

I'd love to hear from anybody and everybody who has played this game.


Thanks are due to the following people:
  Daniel B Cristofani (
  Jeffry Johnston (
  Ian Haberkorn (No web site)
  Javri aka Katzy (

Extra credit goes to:
  Daniel without whom this project would have been so much poorer
  Jeffry without whom this project would not have been possible