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Cube Start (Shareware) Mod

cubestarts 0.01 05-Sep-2004 (2k)

Cube Start Mod for Diablo 2 Shareware

This Mod changes the game so that all new characters start with the Horadric Cube
in their inventory.

Installation instructions:
1. Make a backup of your chatacters and of the directory "data" (if this
   directory exists).
2. Copy the supplied directory "data" into the Diablo2 directory.
3. Create a link to the Diablo2 executable and add the
   parameters "-direct -txt".
4. Start the game with this link and enjoy the game.

The cube will operate normally and I believe that most or all of the cube
recipies should be available.

There is a bug in the demo which prevents dropping items onto the horadric
cube if the item occupies more than 2x2 squares in the inventory, you can
still put these items in the cube if the cube is open and you drag the item
accross. Alternatively you should ensure that there is enough empty space above
and/or below the cube so that the item could be swapped with the cube. A little
playing around should give you full understanding of this minor bug in the demo.

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