APIViewer Plug-in for BBC BASIC for Windows

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APIViewer makes programming with the Windows API much easier by providing a searchable database of all constants, functions, enumerations and data types. These declarations can be exported for use with a number of languages. The BBC BASIC for Windows plug-in enables APIViewer to generate BBC BASIC code which you can copy and paste into your own programs.

The API Viewer database was created from the Windows XP header files and contains information about approximately 6100 functions, 500 types and 52000 constants - more than the official Microsoft API database. Each of these is converted into BBC BASIC code by the synBB4W plug-in ready to be used in your programs.

From version 1.40 synBB4W is compatible with Vista and Windows 7, the alternate APIViewer has concurrent features to this version and is now depreciated.

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Before running the synBB4W installer download and install APIViewer and the latest data update from the API Viewer web site. Once APIViewer is installed run synBB4W installer to install synBB4W and the LoadDLL library for BBC BASIC for Windows.

If you receive a warning that the plug-in is not certified click ignore to continue.

The latest version of synBB4W can be obtained from:

Usage Notes

The following options are supported:

Version History

Version 1.40 (11 April 2010)

Version 1.30 (05 July 2006) :

Version 1.29 (05 April 2006) :

APIViewer Installation Issues

APIViewer is compatible with Windows 95 or later including Vista and Windows 7. Some users have reported receiving Runtine Error '91' when accessing the Options dialogue. When the ApiViewer crashes with this Error, the "synVB6.dll" is missing. Please uninstall and then reinstall APIViewer choosing a full installation.

If the above fails or you encounter other problems you should ensure that you have the correct versions of the run-time files required by APIViewer. The system requirements are listed on the API Viewer web site.


Thanks to Christoph von Wittich for writing APIViewer and the following people who helped to test the synBB4W plug-in:

APIViewer Database Manipulation Tools

APVtoAPV ( Source )

APVtoAPV demonstrates how to read and write APIViewer database files and can form the basis of programs that create, modify or amend APIViewer databases. You might like to refer to the APIViewer database file format documentation which APVtoAPV is based on.

APVtoTXT ( Source )

Converts an APIViewer database into a text file. This file can be modified and later converted to an APIViewer database using TXTtoAPV.

TXTtoAPV ( Source )

Converts a text file created using APVtoTXT to an APIViewer database. The partially complete source code is available; warning this program does not work.