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Al Bhed Translation Tools

AlBhed Translation v. 0.01 27-Feb-2003 (11k)
 Program : alb2eng, eng2alb
 Purpose : English to Al Bhed to English translation utilities
 Author  : (C) Jon Ripley, 2003
 Version : 0.01 (27th February 2003)
Al Bhed is the official language of the Al Bhed people in the SquareSoft game
Final Fantasy X. In reality though Al Bhed is not a language or a dialect, it
is a simple substitution cipher.

The two utilities here can be used to translate (encode/decode) any text file
from Engligh to Al Bhed to English. alb2eng translates (encodes) English into
Al Bhed and the corresponding utility eng2alb translates (decodes) Al Bhed back
into English.

Usage: alb2eng <input> <output> [options]
Usage: eng2alb <input> <output> [options]


  [-i] <input>      Input file name
  [-o  <output>]    Output file name

   -h               Display this help text
   -l               Display the licence for this program
   -b               Beep when command is completed
   -q <command>     Command to execute on exit

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