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ShutScrap v. 0.00 09-Jan-2002 (2k)
 Program : ShutScrap / ShutScrapA
 Purpose : Empty WIMP Scrap directory on shutdown
 Author  : (C) Jon Ripley, 2002
 Version : 0.00 (9th January 2002)
The ShutScrap module automagically deletes the contents of the scrap directory
(WIMP$ScrapDir) when the machine is shut down.  ShutScrap comes in two flavours
which work slightly differently.

ShutScrap: Clears the Scrap directory automagically.
ShutScrapA: Asks for confirmation first.

You should choose which one you wish to use, if both modules are loaded
together you will always be asked for confirmation and the Scrap directory
will always be cleared.

To install ShutScrap simply copy the appropriate module into your
Choices:Boot.Tasks directory.

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