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PenguMan v. 0.01 09-Jun-2001 (6k) 26/32bit neutral *** ESSENTIAL ***
 Program : PenguMan
 Purpose : Replacement 'Linux' icon set for !LanMan98 and !LanManFS
 Author  : (C) Jon Ripley, 2001
 Version : 0.01 (9th June 2001)
Two different flavours of icon sprites have been provided for LanMan98 and
LanManFS, the default set includes the Windows flag, and an extra set with the
Linux penguin, you can use either depending on your preferences or types of
computers you have on your network.

To change the sprite set used by LMTree simply replace the !Sprites and
!Sprites22 files in the man application directory with the equivalent files
inside the WinFlag or Penguin directories which live inside the main !LMTree
directory. Once you have done this re-run !LMTree to activate your changes.

If you use !Director and would like to benefit from tree menus of your LanMan
shares, please download LMTree from the Stryker Software RISC OS Software pages
which will provide this useful feature.

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