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LanMan Tree Menu Enabler

LMTree v. 0.01 25-Feb-2003 (11k) 26/32bit neutral *** ESSENTIAL ***
 Program : !LMTree
 Purpose : Enable tree-view menus of LanMan shares
 Author  : (C) Jon Ripley, 2003 (GPL, see Licence file)
 Version : 0.01 (25th February 2003)
 Requires: !Director 0.17 or later
If you've used !Director, you have probably noticed the tree menus you can
access by clicking Adjust on a filing system iconbar icon. These provide a very
useful way of accessing your files and applications.

If you have used !LanMan98 or !LanManFS whilst !Director is loaded, you've
probably noticed that clicking Adjust on the 'drive' icon of one of your open
shares gives you a tree menu of the available shares, and like me you may have
thought that it would be much more useful if a tree menu of the share itself
popped up instead. 

LMTree is a freeware utility which modifies the default functionality of LanMan
and allows you to benefit from Director's tree-view menus on LanMan shares.

To install !LMTree, place it in your desktop startup sequence at any point
after !Director has been run, whether !LanMan98/!LanManFS has been run or not.
If you would like to disable !LMTree, which of course you'll never do, hold
either Alt key and re-run !LMTree.

Two different flavours of icon sprites have been provided for LMTree, the
default set includes the Windows flag, and an extra set with the Linux penguin,
you can use either depending on your preferences or types of computers you have
on your network.

To change the sprite set used by LMTree simply replace the !Sprites and
!Sprites22 files in the man application directory with the equivalent files
inside the WinFlag or Penguin directories which live inside the main !LMTree
directory. Once you have done this re-run !LMTree to activate your changes.

If you would like some application sprites for !LanMan98 or !LanManFS with the
Linux penguin instead of the Windows flag, please download PenguMan which is
available from the RISC OS Software section of the Stryker Software website.

NB: LMTree incorporates TestAlt and an updated version of the Click utility
supplied with !Director. This new version of Click has the added feature
that it will work with any application that has more than one active iconbar
icon. Please feel free to replace the version of Click that comes with same
!Director with this one. This modified version of Click is released under the
same licence conditions as the original. For more information please refer to
Click release available from my website.

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