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Invaders(M) v. 0.00 14-Jan-2002 (2k) *** ESSENTIAL ***
 Program : Invaders / InvadersM
 Purpose : RISC OS Invaders Launcher
 Author  : (C) Jon Ripley, 2002
 Version : 0.00 (14th Jan 2002)
NB: Invaders(M) requires RISC OS 4 or above.

Invaders is a small command line utility which launches the RISC OS Invaders
easter-egg hidden in RISC OS 4. It is designed to be placed in your library
directory and/or pinned to your pinboard ;) The command requires no parameters.

InvadersM is a small module which provides two ways of launching the above
game. The Invaders command is provided as above, and also - here's the
really cool part...

Pressing Ctrl+Alt+I will also launch RISC OS Invaders ;)

The game will only activate when inside the desktop irrespective of how it is

To install InvadersM simply copy the module into your Choices:Boot.PreDesk
directory or to install Invaders simply copy the 'Invaders' file into your
library directory. Only one is required depending on your tastes, I prefer
the module.

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