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Garble v. 0.01 06-Dec-2002 (6k) 26/32bit neutral
 Program : garble
 Purpose : Simple and fast data encryption
 Author  : (C) Jon Ripley, 2002
 Version : 0.01 (6th December 2002)
garble vsn 0.01 (06 Dec 2002) (C) Jon Ripley

Usage: garble <input> <output> <seed> [options]


  [-i] <input>      Input file name
  [-o] <output>     Output file name
       <seed>       Garbler seed value

   -h               Display this help text
   -l               Display the licence for this program
   -b               Beep when command is completed
   -q <command>     Command to execute on exit

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