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FakeScrap 0.01 22-Dec-1997 (2k) 26/32bit neutral
 Program : !FakeScrap
 Purpose : Provides a RAM based !Scrap directory
 Author  : (C) Jon Ripley, 1997
 Version : 0.01 (22nd Dec 1997)
FakeScrap is a small utility which creates a pretend, but very real, equivalent
of a !Scrap directory in memory. Memory is allocated only when required and
then freed afterwards. FakeScrap uses PipeFS which is built into RISC OS 3 and

FakeScrap is designed to be used on low memory floppy based machines where; it
is not always possible, or convenient to have a copy of !Scrap on every disc or
to swap discs at regular intervals when applications need to use the !Scrap
directory. Indeed it is not always possible to spare the disc space that a
!Scrap directory would require.

FakeScrap was used for several years on my 2Mb A3010, when it was my only RISC
OS machine, with a multitude of applications and with very, very few problems.
It even enabled me to develop, test and browse my first website using only one
To install FakeScrap simply copy '!FakeScrap' file to the most appropriate
place and run it when required. You may wish to insert !FakeScrap into your
!Boot program or into the !Run file of any application that requires !Scrap.

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