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FCompact v. 0.04 15-Jan-2002 (3k) 26/32bit neutral
 Program : FCompact
 Purpose : Fully compacts a disk.
 Author  : (C) Jon Ripley, 1999-2002
 Version : 0.04 (15th Jan 2002)

	FCompact is a command line utility which will fully compact any disk;
the Compact command, built into RISC OS, cannot be guaranteed to fully compact
a disk.

	To install FCompact, simply move the file "FCompact" into your
library directory.

	To compact a disk, use the command:

	FCompact [<disk spec.>]

	where the optional parameter <disc spec.>] is the name of the
drive to be compacted, this can be in the form of ADFS:, :4, SCSIFS::4.  If no
parameter is specified the current disk is compacted.  If no filing system name
is specified the current filing system is used.

	Options are used to modify the standard behaviour of FCompact, and are
introduced by a hyphen, the option name, and any allowed parameters.  Each
option can be abbreviated to just it's first letter; all options are case-

	Option			Effect

	-verbose		Display the progress of the compaction.

	-nohour			Do not display the hourglass.

	-quit <* command>	Executes the command when the program has

	-help			Produce a brief help text for the FCompact
				syntax and options.



	will compact the current disk.

	FCompact ADFS::0

	will compact disk ADFS::0.

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