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Dunnit v. 0.02 07-Mar-2001 (16k)
 Program : Dunnit
 Purpose : Wake-up alert after single tasking
 Author  : (C) Jon Ripley, 2001
 Version : 0.02 (7th March 2001)
Dunnit is a small module which will alert you, by playing a sound, after your
computer has been in single-tasking mode for more then 20 seconds; either if a
single tasking program has been used or an application has tied up the desktop.

This is very useful if your computer is performing a long task as you will be
alerted when it has completed. If your machine takes a few minutes to boot then
you will hear the alert when the machine has finished starting-up. Also useful
if you are not always at your computer or if your attention is diverted

To install Dunnit simply copy the Dunnit absolute file into your Choices:Boot.
Tasks directory.  The change will take effect from the next time your machine
is reset. You can also load Dunnit by double-clicking on the Dunnit file.

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