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RISC OS Messages File Compacter

CompactMsg v. 0.03 11-Feb-2000 (4k)
 Program : CompactMsg
 Purpose : Compact and expand message files
 Author  : (C) Jon Ripley, 2000
 Version : 0.03 (11th February 2000)

	CompactMsg is a command line utility which will tokenize a messages
file using the tokens used by Acorn's !Help application.  Once tokenized the
messages file can be used as normal, !Help automatically expands the strings;
this makes the message file much shorter as strings such as 'Click SELECT to '
and 'This option is greyed out because ' are reduced to two character tokens -
/S and /G for the two examples.

	It is possible to expand a compacted message file, to do this use the
-expand option which is covered later.

	To install CompactMsg, simply move the file "CompactMsg" into your
library directory.

	To tokenize a file, use the command:

	CompactMsg <input> <output> [options]

	where <input> is the name of the Messages file to be processed,
once completed the results are saved to <output>.

	Options are used to modify the standard behaviour of CompactMsg, and
are introduced by a hyphen, the option name, and any allowed parameters.  
Each option can be abbreviated to just it's first letter; all options are 

	Option			Effect

	-expand			Expand tokenised !Help messages.

	-comments		Remove comments.

	-blanks			Remove blank lines.

	-verbose		Display the progress of the program.

	-quit <* command>	Executes the command when the program has

	-help			Produce a brief help text for the CompactMsg
				syntax and options.


	CompactMsg Messages NewMessages

	will compact the messages file named Messages and save the results to
the NewMessages.

	CompactMsg !Develop.Messages !Release.Messages -blanks -comments -verbose

	will tokenise the file !Develop.Messages removing comments and blank
lines saving the output to !Release.Messages, displaying the programs progress.

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