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Click v. 1.01 25-Feb-2003 (4k) 26/32bit neutral, GPL
 Program : Click (update of the utility supplied with !Diretor)
 Purpose : Simulate a mouse click on an iconbar icon
 Author  : (C) Malcolm Boura, Director Developers (GPL, see Licence file)
 Version : 1.01 (25th February 2003)
 Update  : Multi-icon application support added by Jon Ripley
This is an updated version of the Click utility supplied with !Director. This
new version of Click has the added feature that it will work with any
application that has more than one active iconbar icon and retains full
compatibility with previous versions.

Click can be used to simulate a mouse click on an iconbar icon.


Click <application name> [-select] [-menu] [-adjust] [-wait] [-force]


Options must be specified in full and in lowercase.

  <application name>   Name as known to task manager
  -select              Simulate Select mouse click
  -menu                Simulate Menu mouse click
  -adjust              Simulate Adjust mouse click

  -wait                Wait until the application has started
  -force               Force simulated mouse click on the icon that the
                       mouse pointer is currently over

The application name must be entered exactly as it appears in the Task Manager
tasks window. If the application name includes a space then you should put the
name inside "quotes", eg, "Task Manager". This won't work if the application
has a hard-space in its name instead of a regular (soft) space, so you should
press Alt+Space instead.

If you specify more than one type of mouse click to simulate then they will be
actioned in the order, Select, Menu then Adjust. At lease one type of mouse
click must be specified.

The -force option is only useful when used in conjunction with the
DirectorFilter command when adding a filter to an application that has more
than one iconbar icon. Without this option only the first icon that was created
is actually clicked on.

If you would like to update your copy of !Director just replace the Click
program inside the !Director application directory with this one. Please be
sure to make a backup of the original first.

This updated version of Click is released under the same licence conditions as
the original. In the fullness of time I hope that this update will be added to
the official !Director release.

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