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Buffer Monitor

BuffMon v. 1.00 07-Feb-2000 (15k)
 Program : BuffMon
 Purpose : Buffer Monitor
 Author  : (C) Jon Ripley, 2000
 Version : 1.00 (6th February 2000)
BuffMon allows you to monitor the current state of five (interrupt driven)
buffers  which are central to the operation of RISC OS. These are the keyboard,
RS423 (serial) input, RS423 output, printer and mouse buffers. BuffMon fully
supports interactive help.

When loaded, BuffMon places an icon on the icon bar, to open the main buffer
monitor window click SELECT on the iconbar icon, the 'Buffer Monitor' window
will open, this is the main application window. BuffMon checks the current
status of the selected buffer twice each second, by default the RS423 input
buffer is monitored, the display is updated twice a second.

To monitor a different buffer click SELECT on the menu icon in the main window,
a menu will pop-up, from here you can select a buffer to monitor.

You can choose how often the display is updated, click MENU over the main
window, the BuffMon menu will pop-up containing one choice 'Update every...',
click SELECT on this choice and the 'Update Every:' window will open.  From
here you can enter into the writable icon a new time delay from 1 to 999 units
of time - the time delay defaults to 50 centi-seconds [1].  You can choose a
different period of time by clicking SELECT over the menu icon in the 'Choose
Every:' window, the 'Delay' menu will pop-up and you can choose a different
unit of time for the delay; the choice is from centi-seconds, seconds, minutes,
hours and days. When you have chosen the time delay you desire click SELECT on
the 'Ok' button to confirm your choice.

BuffMon includes the DrWimp library (vsn 3.51) (C) Andrew Ayre.

[1] There are one hundred centi-seconds in one second, so 50 centi-seconds is
the same as half a second.

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