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Automatic BASIC Program LOADer - Software Debugging Tool

BasicLoader v. 1.01 06-Feb-2000 (2k)
 Program : BasLoad
 Purpose : Basic program debugging and development tool
 Author  : (C) Jon Ripley, 1994-2000
 Version : 1.01 (6th Feb 2000)
Use the BasicLoader module to modify, when desired, the defualt action taken
when running a BASIC program. Useful when debugging and developing WIMP
applications in BASIC

BasLoad On    Causes all BASIC programs to be LOADed by default.
BasLoad Off   Restores the normal behaviour.

BASLoad comes into its own when debugging WIMP applications written in BASIC,
run the program and you are taken to the BASIC prompt where you can type RUN
or do anything needed but especially when the application is quit you are
returned to the BASIC prompt with all variables, etc intact. Very useful...

To install BasLoad simply copy the module into your Choices:Boot.PreDesk

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