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3D Switcher

3DSwitcher v. 0.02 06-Jun-2000 (9k)
 Program : !3D Switcher
 Purpose : Nicer Task Manager Sprite
 Author  : (C) Jon Ripley, 1999,2000
 Version : 0.02 (6th June 2000)
3D Switcher replaces the Task Manager sprite with a 3D acorn, IMHO much nicer
than the default sprite.

You can choose between 16 colour sprites - in the 16Colour directory - or 256
colour sprites - in the 256Colour directory.  I recommend using the 256 colour
sprites; unless you only ever use 16 colour screen modes.

To install !3D switcher simply copy the !3D Switcher application into your
Choices:Boot.Tasks directory.  The change will take effect from the next time 
your machine is reset.

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